Do you love dogs and helping your community? You might want to consider volunteering with us at Williston Animal Group. If you don’t need to be convinced, please contact us ASAP to get started. Otherwise, continue reading for further persuasion.

There are a million reasons to become a WAG volunteer, but we’ll condense it into 5 argument-proof ones. All volunteers and board members gathered on Saturday, January 7th, for a volunteer brunch where we were able to enjoy each others company and remind one another what a great community we are a part of. The brunch was so fun it inspired this list.

Reason #1 – The dogs NEED you… and they will show their appreciation!

A lot of our dogs are often found roaming the streets, from rural back roads to busy highways, with no one to care for them. Many of them come to WAG without ever knowing safety. The statistics of animal homelessness are “hard to live with”, says one WAG volunteer. Over 1 million lovable, adoptable dogs in the United States will be euthanized this year because of pet overpopulation. You can help lower this number by donating your time to WAG. When you become a volunteer and care for these dogs, you are giving them the gift of another chance at life. By feeding them, letting them out to play, and looking after their wellbeing, you are teaching them how to trust humans and lead a normal doggy life. The best part? The way they express their gratitude. Each dog has a unique personality, but they all find their own way to say “thank you” to those who care for them — and it creates a feeling of love like no other.

Reason #2 – It is REWARDING and you will find a PURPOSE. 

All we ask is for a couple hours of your time each week. You can make such a huge difference with very little commitment! We promise… it will change your life and give you a purpose. There are even health benefits associated with volunteering. Furthermore, you will be able to see dogs transform over time as they learn to trust you and others and come out of their shells. You will experience a great sense of pride knowing you are helping these dogs live a better life. Even more incredible is the feeling you’ll experience when you see these dogs go to loving forever homes– it just can’t be described with words.

Reason #3 – LEARN about dogs and spend time with them…especially if you are considering bringing one into your life!

Considering adopting a dog or a puppy but not sure if you can handle it? Or maybe you can’t adopt a dog right now because of where you live or because you already have too many (which many of us at WAG can relate to!). Come out to WAG and get hands on experience with animal care and surround yourself with all the canines your heart desires. You can observe their behaviors in various different settings such as when they are eating or playing with other dogs. It is truly an educational experience every time you volunteer and over time you will become much wiser in many different ways. It’s an especially great way to earn community service hours and build your resume!

Reason #4 – STRENGTHEN your community and make great friends.

Volunteering at WAG is a tremendous service to the Williston community. By caring for the WAG dogs and helping get them adopted, we are freeing more space at the local animal shelter and contributing to the end of homeless animals in Williston. It shows others around you that you care about this community! It’s also a way to connect with people that have similar interests with you. It’s one of the easiest way to make new friends and connections. At WAG, we have some of the most hard working and inspiring individuals on our team… just waiting to meet you!! Come out, come out wherever you are.

Reason #5 – We are FUN!! 

Though we work HARD at WAG to provide for our pups, we always make room for fun. As I mentioned earlier, we recently met for a volunteer brunch. We expressed gratitude for one another, ate delicious food from the Pyper Kub in Williston (check them out!), and most importantly, we had a blast!!! We did everything from taking silly photos, to a gift exchange, to trying to unwrap presents with oven mitts. This group is inspiring in so many ways, and what we inspire most is laughter and joy! Can you handle that?? We love our volunteers and do everything we can to show them how much we appreciate them any chance we get.

If we have managed to convince you to join the WAG team, please fill out our volunteer application and send it to or contact (352) 528-9888 for more information on how to get started as a volunteer. 


  1. Can you please tell me where, this Way group is going to be this Saturday in Williston ? The address please, I’m looking for a dog to adopt and bring home ! Thanks !

    1. Kim, sorry we did not respond sooner. We will be at two events this Saturday, March 11, in Williston, in case you are still looking for a dog! We will be at Winn Dixie in Williston from 11 AM to 3 PM. We will also be at Berritini Feed Specialists Barnyard Sale in Ocala located at 13052 N US Hwy 27. Please visit us! We will have dogs at both locations, so you will have the chance to meet some of them. Contact (352) 528-9888 or email if you have more questions!

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