Hi All,

We are staffed entirely by volunteers so best way to contact us (with general inquiries or inquiries about a dog) is by calling (352) 528-9888 OR emailing us at info@willistonanimalgroup.com.

Inquiries made from Petfinder or Adopt-A-Pet websites automatically go to the email address above.




  1. I am interested in Ranger.
    Is he still available 2/24/16?
    How much doe he weigh -approx.?
    How much do you charge?

    JW Weeks

  2. I live in Morriston, we have friends that have to get rid of their 4 MO old “bully ” TODAY or he is evicting them… We want to rescue this dog but need Dogfood as we can’t buy any until after the first. Is there anyplace that donates Dogfood Nearby Williston FL

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