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Bypgarrow60 Feb 25, 2016

Stray Pit Bull Found near Highway 318 in Williston

One of our WAG friends had a stray Pit Bull wander into their yard yesterday. They live off of Highway 318 in Williston. If you are missing a bul

Bypgarrow60 Feb 25, 2016

We are in Williston, Florida

We are being contacted by several folks from Williston, North Dakota, which is great! But we are located in Williston, Florida which is the sm

Bypgarrow60 Feb 21, 2016

We Need Volunteers!

We need volunteers! If you are able to help us walk, feed, play with our WAG dogs and/or help with adoption events, please email us at info@w

Bypgarrow60 Feb 16, 2016

Best way to contact WAG

Hi All, We are staffed entirely by volunteers so best way to contact us (with general inquiries or inquiries about a dog) is by emailing us at